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More Money Method #2: Get Paid For Recommendations

Post image for More Money Method #2: Get Paid For Recommendations One of the fastest ways to bring in money is by making affiliate recommendations.
Affiliate marketing is when two marketers come together – one with a product and one with an audience – and they split the profits on any sales they make together. The affiliate sends traffic to the product creator’s sales page, and the product creator closes the sale and gives a commission to the affiliate for every paid referral.
You can become an affiliate for nearly anything – from Dell computers to beer-making machines to books and products on sites like Amazon.
This will be old hat for most, perhaps.
But let me ask you this, O Grizzled Veteran…
…do you have a systematic, strategically planned program of making affiliate recommendations?
I thought not.
You can get started right now by thinking about what might already be on people’s minds — you know, like their New Year’s Resolutions.
For that category, you could make affiliate recommendations for products that deal with weight loss, exercise, finances, relationships, productivity… oh my, there’s a lot of opportunity here, yes?
Put your thinking cap on, sharpen your pencil, and plan your promotions.

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