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Using Social Media to Become a Subject Matter Expert

The arrival of the Internet has drastically changed the way we do business.  Therefore, it has become increasingly important to differentiate yourself — to stand out among your competitors and to be known as an expert in your area.  Why is it so important?  The answer is simple. People simply want to deal with someone who is credible and knows his subject well, and the only way to earn that confidence is to be an "expert" in your area.
The arrival of social media has made it much easier to be known as an expert in your field.  You can market yourself, your products and services, and at the same time, stay in close contact with your clients and customers, while also networking with new people.
Here are two ways in which this can be done:
  1. Using social media to promote a product, service, skill, expertise, etc, referred to as social media marketing.
  2. Using it as a medium to network with new clients and develop active relationships or social media networking.
The bottom line is this:  you are looking to build a "relationship" — a level of trust between you and your customers or visitors to your site. 
To become an "expert" in your respective field, use social media in the following ways:
  1. Create a positive brand image. Make sure that you are seen as somebody who is knowledgeable and well informed. Develop your personal brand by establishing a reputation in your niche. Always be sure to present yourself in a way that ensures that you will be perceived by people in the right way.
  2. Join various social networks. Create your own profile page on all networking sites like LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, etc, or any networking site that is relevant to your industry or niche.  Be sure to regularly post content on these sites.
  3. Participate in online forums and discussions. You can answer questions posted by other users, spread information about your work, as well as discuss topics associated with your field.
  4. Create your own blog and website. Blogging is one of the simplest ways to share information on things you want to talk about.  By posting quality content on your blog, you can not only demonstrate your knowledge but also have rightful ownership over it.
  5. Maintain and grow your network. Again, sites like Facebook and LinkedIn are excellent places to connect with people working in your area of expertise. 
With the help of social media, you can create a unique identity, distinguish yourself from everyone else, and promote yourself as an expert in your chosen field.

About the Author.  Marco Giunta is a Senior Business Development Executive and the author of the book: Rethinking Sales. He is a leading expert in Global Outsourcing with a focus on banking, financial services and other Industry sectors and has a long list of clients. Mr. Giunta is a speaker and presenter. He has led start-ups, business strategy groups, technology think tanks and has experience as a career coach. Visit Marco’s website at

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