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Sales meetings can be a busy and hectic time for your company, especially the marketing Department. Unveiling upcoming plans, reviewing last year’s, dealing with sales “personalities”…
Social Media not only offers some fun alternatives to the standard sales meeting, but it can engage your team and better connect them with clients. Here’s how:
1. Get them Excited. Sales meetings are all too often dry and boring when they can be new and exciting! One of the BEST ways to engage your team and promote company patriotism is to make a video. Whether it’s just for fun or portraying a serious message, short “YouTube” type clips can liven up a meeting with little or no impact on your marketing budget. Remember, in this case down and dirty is better than professional and choreographed.
2. Get them Serious. After the fun, it’s time for a little business. Making your force aware of all company social media efforts will not only ensure everyone is on the same page, but it will enrich your social channels. Most importantly, you need to make your team aware of any company policies regarding social media No No’s. If possible, get them to sign a release allowing their image to be used for company social media campaigns.
3. Get them Active. While sales meetings are important, what really matters is what the force does after. Social media isn’t for everyone, so don’t feel like you need all your guys/girls on sites like Facebook or Twitter. However, having at least a few of your heavy hitters online can help to promote your product, better connect with clients (make sure they have business contacts on a separate privacy list from personal friends) and follow competitors.
For your next sales meeting, don’t let the same ole, same ole rule. Engage your sales force and office team with exciting social media initiatives.
Happy New Year!

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