Are they drunk or what?

Social Media Trouble makersThe internet is full of drunks.
OK, not actual drunks. BUT, people who are acting as if they are under the affects of alcohol…no self restraint and poor judgment. In social media terms, this can lead to some downright ugly posters.
You know, those people who bitch, start fights…anything to get a rise out of you and/or your company.  Dealing with them can easily escalate into a PR nightmare, causing your company unwanted attention. Here is a basic trouble shooting guide to dealing with the problem kids.

  1. Is the poster a current/past employee of your company?
    1. If YES…you have a lot more power on your side to deal with this person. If they are a past employee, it is in your best interest to block the person from commenting on your channel. While this is fairly easy to do on Facebook, Twitter is another matter. Hopefully you were proactive and had the employee sign a social media policy. If the poster is a current employee, talking with them about the issue can help both sides to connect and understand the best way to handle the posting.
    2. If NO…go to step 2
  2. Does the post fit into one of these categories?
    1. Reasonably Offensive. Does the poster use inappropriate language/post offensive images relative to your audience? Ex. Go F**k yourself Florida State.
    2. Libel. Is the statement false, harmful to those it’s directed at and made without adequate research into the truthfulness of the statement? Ex. Muvico Theaters kills babies and feeds them to orphan.
    3. Combative. Is it the apparent intention of the poster to create an online fight by attacking other posters and/or using the above points to create drama?
In all three of these instances you have the right to delete the post. If the person repeats the offense, it is within your best judgment to block the person. Even though Social Media is supposed to be an open conversation, it also needs to be within reason and truth.
A Word of Warning
Do not delete a post if it reflects your company in an unfavorable light. Instead use the opportunity to address the issue to the best of your ability. Give specifics with time lines so the person and viewers know you are serious. This could help to head off an upcoming PR crises.
There will always be trouble makers, especially online. Dealing with them should be delicate and professional. This trouble shooting guide can take you through this ordeal, leaving your company on the road to positive PR and higher profits.

Article Complements of Visual Alliance Media

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